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Community Outreach Ministry


Embrace United Church of Christ believes in making a difference in our wider community, and we strive to provide opportunities for our congregation to work in volunteer service for our partner organizations, adopted schools and charitable events. This is where we demonstrate our core values to the world. 


Whether it’s collecting canned goods for a local food bank, mentoring students at a local elementary school or helping build a home for a family in need, the resulting lesson is always the same: humbling ourselves in service to others demonstrates the best that we carry within us -- which is, of course, the unconditional love of God.  Through our community outreach ministry, we come to better know -- and show -- our true Christ-like nature. 


If you are looking for ways to connect with other people, tie your volunteer work directly to our core values, and find something wonderful within yourself, join us for an upcoming Community Outreach project!

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