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Embracing Ministries that Make a Difference


Embrace United Church of Christ has a number of ministries, including:offers a wealth of opportunities to grow spiritually, including:


Community Outreach/Benevolence Ministry

Community Outreach/Benevolence Ministry aims to make a difference for our wider community in which we live and work.


Spiritual Education Ministry

Spiritual Education Ministry encourages all of the Embrace UCC family to continue learning and growing in our understanding of faith and our understanding of how we live out our faith in our day-to-day lives.


Social Justice Ministry

Embrace UCC's Social Justice Ministry seeks justice for the marginalized and advocates for peace.


Community Life/Social Ministry

The Community Life/Social Ministry provides a warm welcome and ongoing connection for our congregation.


Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry helps put on Sunday worship and ensures that each worship service experience is accessible to all.


To get involved with any of these ministries, please email

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