Every Sunday at Embrace UCC

9:00 a.m. Choir Rehearsal

9:30 a.m. Coffee & Conversation

10:00 a.m. Worship  Children's education after Children's Sermon

11:30 a.m. Adult Education and Parent's Classes

11:30 a.m. Children and Teens Faith Formation

Ongoing Events

The Second Sunday of Each month we take a collection for the benevolence fund or for UCC causes.

The fourth Sunday of each month we collect food for AIDS Outreach Center or Mission Central's food bank.

Neighborhood Fellowship Groups

Covenant groups or small church groups meet every other week at someone’s home for conversations about faith.  These small groups are where friendships are formed and community is deepened. We currently have groups meeting monthly in the following areas:

  • Beer and Theology Discussion group meets the second Wednesday 6-8pm at Buffalo Wild Wings Central and Airport Freeway in beford


If you're interested in joining a group and would like to know specific dates, times and locations, please email pastor@embraceucc.com.

New Member Class

This class, which is offered throughout the year, is open to anyone wanting to learn the history of the United Church of Christ and our congregation and is a requirement for those who wish to become members.

Confirmation Class

This class is offered over two years meeting during the academic school year once a month of a weekend evening. Field trips and retreats are offered during the two year commitment. Interested parents, middle and high school age students and adult mentors Saturday, July 24 2021 at 6 p.m. Embrace UCC This year, our congregation will be using a confirmation program for youth called Confirm not Conform, or CnC. The classes are a two-year commitment. We will meet monthly during the school year. We may add some field trips and retreats as they become available. Confirm not Conform is focused on helping young people ask tough questions and search out the answers. Through innovative sessions, field trips, mentor relationships, and the challenge to do a whole lot more than just learn a few facts, CnC lets youth take real responsibility for understanding their faith and its power. When they do—when they see the church and faith as something that truly belongs to them—it builds a bond that lasts. At the end of the class, as a sign of their ability to take charge of their own spiritual life, each youth chooses whether or not to be confirmed. All participants, whatever their decision, are honored in a special service dedicated to their work, exploration, and discoveries. At the meeting on Saturday July 24, you can decide whether you are ready to begin the journey