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Spiritual Education Ministry


Embrace United Church of Christ offers a wealth of opportunities to grow spiritually, including:


Adult Education

Embrace UCC's Faith Practice leaders walk with the adults of the congregation through a time of prayer, study, and conversation on different topics every Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. All adults are welcome to participate, and remember that child care is always available.


Spiritual Parents in Training Group

Parents of young children gather on Sunday mornings at 11:30 a.m. for a time of study and discussion, with the goal of forming a support group to help in the fantastic task of parenting.  Children will be in Sunday School class with a teacher and our child care providers during this time.


Children’s & Youth Education

Embrace UCC offers spiritual education programs geared for children in Pre-school through Kindergarten and Question friendly spiritual education for 1st grade and up every Sunday morning. After the children's sermon, children and youth may exit worship for a time of religious exploration or stay in worship. All children are welcome! We welcome families with gender-diverse children. Embrace UCC feels a special call to children with an educational diagnosis. Please let a greeter or teacher know if you think your child might need help navigating worship or education programs.

Beer and Theology

Monthly 2nd Wednesday 6-8pm at Buffalo Wild Wings  Central and Airport Freeway in Bedford.  This group pulls theological questions that have been submitted by group members or the group leader from the jar and the group discusses the question untill everyone has their say!  The group is very diverse in thinking and the discussions send us home thinking!


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