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2016 is Here

It is hard to believe that it is already time for Lent! Some of you come from traditions where Lent was not celebrated -- others where Lent was a strict time of reflection and penetance. We are approaching the season of Lent as a time of personal reflection and renewal. What is God's call on your life? Where have you been trying to stop God from moving in your life? Have you considered raising the veil behind which you hide from God's glory for fear you won't measure up? What if God is about transforming and renewing your journey today?

Our congregation is grieving the sudden death of Christian Wardlaw and the loss of his presence at our worship. We were delighted to celebrate his life with his mother and friends at a Jimmy Buffet style memorial service!

At the same time we celebrate as two families prepare for the arrival of new babies this summer! We are reminded of the cycle of life and that birth and death are part of the plan! Embrace is all about empowering people to do something amazing in the dash -- that space between our birth and death!

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