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Spring 2022

Friends -- We are getting back to being church in 2022 and finally moving into worship and meetings without masks and fear of COVID. It is exciting to see each other face to face and to celebrate worship TOGETHER in person. We continue to stream worship on facebook live and social hour on zoom. Our desire is that everyone will have a full worship experience either in person or online.

I recently made a trip to Maryland to see a dear friend. On the flight home a mom with two small boys sat in the row ahead of me. The boys were 1 and 3 1/2 years old. They were active and happy most of the flight. I am thankful for the opportunity to watch the flight through the 3 1/2 year olds mind. He was excited to see luggage being loaded and watch the workers. He was delighted when the airplane began moving away from the gate. He giggled with glee when we were on the runway and pulling forward with a big thrust and took off in the air. At while later - he tapped the top of the seat and said to me, "Mister -- look at those clouds -- they are soft if you touch them!" When we were preparing for landing he watched the wings go down and loved feeling us drop down to the runway -- He cheered when we touched down and bounced and we delighted when we pulled into the gate and the luggage carts pulled up.

Most of us get on the plane and wait out the trip -- ready to get to our destination and on to something fun. This little guy taught me that there is joy in the journey -- and I am grateful for the lesson he taught me -- notice the great things that are happening each moment of the day!

As we prepare for Holy Week and Easter -- may you see all the places in your day where God is at work and doing amazing things

Pastor Ken

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