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Lent 2017

On Fat Tuesday, the eve of Lent-- I am thinking of all that has happened in our country since the inauguration of a new president. If you are a minority -- any minority; life has been one big roller coaster ride. So many things are uncertain and unknown. Many things being bandied about are terrifying should they become realities. Folks at Embrace UCC has been working hard to find ways for each person to have places to voice their concerns in ways that will make a difference. We are writing, emailing, and calling our political representatives. We are supporting all those who are marching, doing grass roots work to support those who are oppressed. Some of us have family members and students whose families are not documented; others work with refugees and immigrants in transition and every day is an opportunity to support and encourage. Our trans members are watching the news everyday as political leaders, neighbors and co-workers -- who do not understand the journey at all - -speak hateful things that create an environment of hate and potential violence; others are fearful of losing their health insurance and going back into life without health care. We must support folks who live in fear and help find ways to turn that fear into empowered voices.

Lent is a time of reflection; meditation on what is important in our lives -- what is worth fighting for -- what are the things we are willing to stand up and protest and work to see changed? Lent is a time to look at what it means to be a Good Samaritan -- a compassionate Samaritan in Jesus parable. The story is really about someone who was willing to cross the cultural boundaries of who you care about, who you offer help. It is about seeing each and every person as a child of God -- as a brother and sister. It is about the miracle that comes when people listen to their hearts and reach out across those invisible and often impenitrible barriers of our society. When they reach out and get close to someone who "is the least of these". Transformation happens one by one. We want to be part of transformation of our country and world.

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