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New Year -- New Beginning

We are starting a new year and claiming it as a year of New Beginnings and New Opportunities. It is exciting to think about where God might take our community in the next 12 months. It looks like the Old Bedford School repairs will not be completed quickly -- which gives us the opportunity to look for other worship spaces. It is clear that we can not afford our own space so we are looking for another church, agency, company or service provider that has meeting space that is not being used on Sundays! We are thinking outside the box and looking at non traditional church spaces as well as contacting churches that might have space available.

Our church leadership board is having a retreat on January 8 to work on our priorities for the year and orient our two newly elected leadership team members to the work of this team. It is an exciting time to be moving forward.

Many of our congregation are uneasy about what will happen as we change administrations and presidents and as the Texas Legislature meets for the 2017 session. Immigrants, elderly, LGBT, those who are insured under the Affordable Health Care Act, our transgender members, those who are in the human services industries and who provide health care for women and children are wondering what will happen with the services and rights of those in minority communities.

We don't know how things will play out -- we do know that we live in a democracy where we all have a voice. We are prepared to stand up, speak out and ensure that all folks are treated fairly and equally.

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