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Summer Time Makes Us Happy

It has been a busy spring at Embrace UCC and things are always exciting. I am very proud of the ways our home groups are living out our mission of "Embracing Others".

The Fort Worth Home group choose to hold their regularly scheduled Monday meeting at the Rockwall City Council meeting to protest their anti transgender bathroom ordinance. Five of the group were participating in their very first protest action. The home group members found the courage needed because they love and support one of the home group members who is transgender. It was a powerful experience and the ordinance was stopped dead that night -- there was not enough votes to move it forward. The group came home pumped up and ready to continue to necessary actions to bring about justice for all people.

Nine folks from Embrace attended the "show of support" for the FTW ISD superintendent and board's clarifying guidelines for implementing the 2011 policy on transgender students and staff. This is going to be a longer and more difficult justice action and we are committed to seeing it through.,

The Bedford Home Group - moved it's meetings to Parkwood Rehab and then to the nursing care facility where Ed is residing. If Ed is unable to get to church -- then Embrace UCC home group comes to Ed. These live connections and hugs are so important to Ed. He is currently not well enough to enjoy the group visit so we support him in more sedate ways.

School will be out in a couple days -- another year completed and on the books. 2 1/2 months without class, homework, tests and stress. We hope all our students, parents, teachers and family members can enjoy some times of rest and renewal. Soak in the sun, relax, have something cold to drink and get recharged.

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