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Fall and Thanksgiving at Embrace UCC

Can you believe it is fall already. The unusually warm months of October and November have allowed us to pretend summer will never end. The election on November 8 reminds us that change is coming - whether we like it or not. We pray for all those who are among the minorities that make up the rich diversity of our nation. We pray that everyone's voice will be heard. Everyone's rights protected. Everyone's dreams - still able to be fulfilled. We pray that there will be a time when all of our people can live without fear for their physical and emotional safety, for their rights and of their neighbors.

We will be working as a local church and as a denomination to stand up for justice for all citizens.

Our congregation was shaken when our home for the last 5 years at the Old Bedford School was determined to have a roof that is structurally unsafe. We are thankful to the City of Bedford for allowing us to meet at the Bedford Boy's Ranch. While it isn't a beautiful or traditional space, there is air conditioning, protection from rain and snow and a safe place for our children and people to gather.

We quickly learned that the church is not the steeple - the church is the people. M.J. led the adult class through a study series on what it means to be a nomadic church and several Bible passages where God was clearly with people when they didn't have a church or temple building as a worship home.

Everyone keeps coming -- a tribute to the fact that Embrace UCC is all about community.

And now we look ahead to Thanksgiving weekend -- with a service that is a combination of Transgender Day of Remembrance and Thanksgiving themes. And we will finish our thanksgiving worship with a time of fellowship around a potluck meal. Nothing better than everyone bringing their best recipes and chowing down with your church family.

Many of us live far from families and some are not able to be with their biological families. What a joy it is to share a pre-Thanksgiving meal with our church family.

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